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Как не перегреть "сердце машины" в жару
Как не перегреть “сердце машины” в жару
July 19, 2017
External trunk on the car

If there is not enough internal volume of the car to accommodate the cargo – do not despair, in such cases external trunks come to the rescue. In this article we will tell you what types of exterior luggage are there and how to fix them.

At the moment, there is a huge range of luggage systems, it can be difficult to navigate.
Car roof racks for roofs

The most common type of car extra luggage – the roof rack. Despite the similarity of the design, there are several types of roof racks designed to carry different types of cargo. And each has its own way of fixing:

Railings – a universal method of fastening, is a metal arc on the roofs of the car, to which the crossbars are fastened by means of special clamps.

Drains-fastenings in the form of fixing brackets and stops, covered with rubber. Often found on old foreign cars and domestic VAZs.

On doorways – this type of attachment is ideal even for smooth roofs, which makes it absolutely universal and suitable for any car.

Magnetic mounts – with the help of magnets are attached to the metal roof of the car. If careless operation can scratch the paintwork, so this method of attachment requires caution and absolute cleanliness.

All trunks are made in a 2-3 layer construction, where the lower layer is a fastening, the middle one is the cross-pieces, and the optional upper one. By type, the roof racks can be divided as follows:

Economic – looks like an ordinary basket of mesh, its size is determined by the volume of the cargo. The cargo itself is closed with a polyethylene film or can be transported in simple travel bags.

Tourist – the most convenient option, which looks like a special box on the roof. Since it is sealed, it reliably protects the cargo from moisture and dust, while not at all damaging the appearance of the car, as well as aerodynamic.

Sports – designed to carry sports equipment and equipment. There are several of its varieties, depending on the overall load. Some trunks sports type allows you to transport 2 or more bicycles in disassembled or whole form.
Car trunks with fastening behind the car

Typically, this type of luggage is used to transport sports equipment: bicycles, skis, snowboards. For fastening use the tailgate, spare wheel on the door, ball of the towbar.

Mounting on the tailgate is a convenient way, but it has a drawback – the load on the door itself and its mechanism is not provided. The best option is to mount the towbar, its plus is the ability to tilt the trunk area to facilitate access.

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